The ComputOurs team was created Sunday 27 February 2011 with the express hope of linking gay bears from around the world in friendship and computing, however it is open to anyone and everyone who has a computer that spends a lot of the time idle, to join first go to one of the sites listed below and download and install BOINC on your machine, then once you have created an account you can choose to join ComputOurs (which is a BOINC-wide team) we'd be proud to have you as a member. Below is a list of some of the projects, it is not exhaustive, some in which I have participated, others I know nothing about, your choice :
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing BOINC :
erkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
ComputOurs : A team for anyone (bears - “ ours ” in French) included, from all over the world, doesn't matter what size your computer(s), be proud to be a part of BOINC and most of all be proud that you give your time and effort knowing that you might be a part of a major breakthrough in the future of mankind.

Some of the projects you can join :

Project name
(Click for their homepage)
My personal comments My rating
BOINCSIMAP Finished December 2014 - not a high scorer but a good reliable project --
Cosmology@Home Good project but I get a lot of faulty downloads? I also suffer from Computation Error after the machine has been running for hours on a work unit; maybe it's my computer I don't know. 10/01/2014 - Update : I've tried Windo$e7 (64bit) and just the same; I'm quitting this project. *
Enigma@Home For those into WW2 things - no real science - just for fun ! - 'The M4 Project is an effort to break 3 original Enigma messages with the help of distributed computing. The signals were intercepted in the North Atlantic in 1942.' - No work for a long time now. **
Milkyway@Home Excellent well managed project ideal for GPU but useless as their server is always going down *
CAS@home Machine turns for an age & then you get 0.28 of a point! *
Mersenne@home I can't get their site to open. *
Magnetism@home New project *
WUProp@Home *
DNETC@Home Excellent project - used 3 x GPUs together - impressive but unfortunately project now closed - switch to Moo! Wrapper --
Orbit@home *
Collatz Conjecture A very high reward project - which often plays up with multiple GPUs + jobs can be very long *
Biochemical Library *
RALPH@home *
Virtual Prairie *
Docking@Home Good project does HIV work - but I get faulty downloads and not a lot of work *
eOn Iffy - I've given up *
DistributedDataMining *
The Lattice Project Never seems to have any work. *
DistrRTgen *
NFS@Home *
PrimeGrid Very interesting bit tecky for me - but it seems I've produced some results! ** *
GPUGRID Really needs VERY BIG (expensive) fast GPU(s) which are VERY COSTLY - both to buy and run! N.B. Only works with NVIDIA GPUs *
Evo@home *
POEM@HOME Seems to be OK - low scores *
Luxrenderfarm@home *
Einstein@Home *
SETI@Home Good project - runs well - has a facebook page : **
DNA@Home New project - 30/03/2011 *
World Community Grid Good project - perhaps the best - BUT - they seem to be breed apart - I have had problems with passwords - results - BUT - I would never drop them even if the scores are low they do the best research. ***
Constellation New project - 25/04/2011 *
SLinCA WATCHOUT ! Dodgy ! Suddenly I have a 2nd account - avoid ! **
Moo! Wrapper New project - 02/05/2011 - Seems to work well - But - stats only on BAM - bit odd - good scores though! **
Ideologias@Home New project - 03/06/2011 *
Radioactive@Home New on 16/06/2011 - AVOID - you have to have extra equipment **
Test4Theory New on 03/08/2011 *
Correlizer New on 16/07/2011 *
NQueens@Home New on 05/01/2012 - site doesn't work - seems to have died *
Einstein@Home Interesting project that has been running for several years - uses only NVIDIA GPUs - 10/01/2014 : Giving this one another try. *
theSkyNet POGS stunning galaxy images from telescopes in Hawaii and around the world - unfortunately their wonderful new site won't let me login! *
Putra Desktop Grid New on 16/09/2013 *
RNA World (beta) New on 12/10/2013 - I was unable to login nor add this project to those in which I participate *
BitCoin New on 29/04/2014 - Looks like some sort of spam - their 'unsubscribe link' doesn't work - but they never do! P.S.NEITHER DOES THEIR SITE! **
VGTU project@Home New on 15/11/2016 - Following several emails and failed attempts to create an account I suceeded! You need to create the account on their site before you try to add the project. Scores are not fantastic either! *
Amicable Numbers New on 30/01/2017 *
Climate Prediction Wierd project - a year for the return of results - sudden deduction of 75 thousand points for no reason - do not get involved ***
GoofyxGrid@Home CPU New on 25/12/2018 - Site does not work - Polish based & black-listed - best avoid ***
Rosetta@home Since October 2004 & an Android version in 2018 - worthwhile project - which throws errors a lot **
Minecraft@Home New on 27/06/2020 - Something for the children / Waste of computer time! ***

If anyone has any comments or news concerning the above projects, I would be grateful for the feedback, please email me : gro.sruotupmoc@cniob Links to external sites are provided as a convenience to users. I, Malcolm Beeson, do not control, condemn or endorse the content of external sites. N.B. If using NVIDIA GPUs under windo$e, download the driver from the nvidia-site The above list is by no means complete, these were the only projects who bothered to reply when I created the team 'ComputOurs', if there is no comment alongside a project it is because I know nothing about it, and, don't forget that these are only my 'impressions' you might try one of these projects and have a totally different experience, a great deal depends on computer configuration.
N.B. BOINC is strongly addictive and aside the extra machine you'll probably want to buy you also have to pay the electricity bills and GPUs use quite a lot.
You also have to have adequate ventilation during the summer, I shut down half of my machines because I do not have air conditioning, here in the Occitanie region of Mediterranean France some summers I have to shut everything down, very sad.

More reading on WikipediA(Whilst on the WikipediA site, think about contributing to them as well, it's a very useful resource.)


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