The ComputOurs team was created Sunday 27 February 2011 with the express hope of linking gay bears from around the world in friendship and computing, however it is open to anyone and everyone who has a computer that has some idle time, to join, follow the link below and download and install the Folding@home software on your machine, then once you have created an account you can choose to join ComputOurs (please note that this IS “case sensitive”), Team N°: 251870, we'd be proud to have you as a member.

Folding@home started earlier than BOINC (one of the reasons it is not compatible with BOINC) and you can read more about the work they do on WikipediA(Whilst on the WikipediA site, think about contributing to them as well, it's a very useful resource. N.B.On the subject of donating, I've tried several times to donate something to Folding@home but it never goes through.)

ComputOurs extended the team to include Folding@home shortly after the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in the early Spring of 2020

ComputOurs : A team for anyone (bears ― “ours” in French) included, from all over the world, doesn't matter what size your computer(s), be proud to be a part of Community Computing and most of all be proud that you give your time and effort knowing that you will be a part of the struggle for the future of mankind.


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